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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wise Women

The Spa had lots of classes about finding laughter, finding who you and and remembering it when you find it, being authentic, balance, etc. In the days of having to spin plates, of home, work, community, spirit, relationships, [fill in the blank], it's tough to also juggle and balance. Sometimes it feels a bit like a circus act, where you are spinning plates and juggling, while wearing clown-face and balancing on a large rubber ball. Sometimes it feels like that ball is more the size of a marble.

Who has time (outside of a spa week) to figure out what or who is really deep inside and how we are supposed to keep it all going? What does balancing mean to women who are expected (and often do) do it all? And if you are fortunate enough to find a momentary balance, what do you do when fate throws you a curve and knocks you off that big (or tiny) ball, plates and all?

Something's gotta give.

Is it just that we choose what we need to ignore from a list that we can afford to ignore that day/week/moment? Then do we just circulate things on that list, and shift things around so we can put things aside for awhile once they are okay? Do we give up a portion of ourselves or our lives to be able to keep the rest in balance?

At 53 I thought I would be wiser. I think I've just learned to ignore more, spin faster and balance en pointe...

Web Wise Women

I recently visited a wonderful spa in Texas (the Lake Austin Spa, www.lakeaustinspa.com) and met some incredible women. I expected big hair and lots of makeup (this WAS Texas after all :-)). Instead I found a group of wonderfully diverse women, looking to get away from the pressures of everyday life, especially their technology-related jobs.

I had forgotten how wonderful women can be when they let their hair down and share their thoughts, dreams and support. I had also forgotten how hard it is to break away and find other women like us.

I created this blog as a place where women like this can share their thoughts with others. To protect everyone's security and privacy and to prevent the kinds of posts that too often attack women and others online, we will only allow registered women to post. Anyone who wants to be a part of this should e-mail me directly at parry@aftab.com. We will need to authenicate the identities of any potential blog members, but will protect everyone's privacy by using this information only for blog registration, authentication and compliance. Anyone else who wants to submit a comment can send it to me and, if we decide to post it, can have it posted anonymously without being a blog member. Members can authenticate other members.

Anything from dieting and romance, to travel issues, health, policy and life issues will be fair game. The only parameters are posts that could help others or provide insight to our lives as women.

wanna play? drop me an e-mail.